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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Big Day On the Farm Today! - We Struck Gold!

Black Gold that is!  And we didn't strike it, I suppose, but we did have it delivered.  15 yards of some of the finest organic compost available in Colorado got delivered today, and of course the kids played all over it!  We also started building our beds.  All 6 of us got involved.  We will have 13, 30 inch beds of 120 ft and 5, 30 inch beds of 50 feet long in addition to the greenhouse which will extend our growing season by two months including 4, 30 inch beds of 35 feet long!  So how big are these rows, really?  Well, to put it into perspective using a tomato plant, each row in the greenhouse can hold up to 54 tomato plants and each 125 foot outdoor row can hold almost 193 tomato plants each!  Now THAT'S a lot of produce!!!

Our black gold delivery...believe me, it almost cost as much as real gold! But living in the high desert out here, it's an absolute must if you want to be successful at growing.

 Asher, he worked his butt off all day making those rows!

 Israel and Eliana going for a cart ride.
 Eliana chasing the thermometer in the greenhouse.


  1. Looove seeing these photos! That is some major production you got there! I bet it will be amazing!