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Thursday, March 19, 2015

America To Lose One Third of Fresh Produce

In a new report, Nasa's top water scientist warns that California has only one year of reserve water left.  That is scary news.  In another article by Michael Snyder, he reports that if California dries up, then America will lose one third of all it's fresh produce.  Well that's saying something.  Not only does this imply that one third of all fresh produce in the United States isn't really fresh - considering the packaging and shipping and stocking etc that occurs between California and wherever that fresh produce is going - but why is this happening?  It's happening simply because we are taking resources from our earth at a faster rate then the earth is able to replenish itself.  Sustainable farming is a must if we want to survive.  This is why farms like Ahavah Farm and others need your support!  Not only will you get the freshest possible produce, but you can be assured that we are practicing farming techniques that allow for less water and less natural resources so that we don't have the same problems as California.

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