Our Mission:

"We work hard and with care every day, without compromise, so we can bring health to our region, healing to our earth and love to our community by growing the absolute purest, and most sustainable food available and by selling our food in a way that provides access to all individuals in all income brackets."

Ahavah Farm is the ONLY locally recognized Regenerative Farm in the region and the ONLY Pay-What-You-Can-Afford farm in the region. Go to www.ahavahfarm.com to learn more about our farm or click here to be added to our mailing list and "Like" us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ahavahfarm

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

A Note About Our Eggs

What makes orange yolks that are the trade-mark of free-range hens?

The dark color of the yolk is due to the chickens' diet of bugs and greens - specifically carotenoids. In the summer our egg yolks turn dark orange and are beautiful. However, because it is winter, the chickens have very few bugs and virtually no greens (except what we give them in addition to their feed). Thus, our egg yolks are paler than usual. This doesn't mean they are lacking any nutritional content. In fact, companies like Egglands Best (yuck!) supplement their chicken feed with artificial ingredients to promote the darker color and thus fool their customers.

Let us be very clear: Our chickens roam our land all day long. They scratch and peck and have a fully 100% organic diet. We supplement with only 100% certified organic grain and they are as healthy as any birds you will ever see. Our chickens are beyond organic, well-loved, well-cared for and completely free-range with 40 acres+ to roam.

If you have any doubts about our chickens, we invite you to please come to our farm, pet and hold one of ours and most importantly see how well they are cared for.


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  4. your blog is very beautiful,how do you make it?

  5. I really liked the name of your farm, it shows how much care you give to you consumers and to your chicken. Thank you for sharing the information about your farm with us

  6. Organic foods should be more encouraged as many foods we come across in the supermarket they are full artificial ingredients. Eggs are full of protein and its essential they maintain their nutrients.