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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Wow it's been busy around here...

It's been awhile since we have posted on this blog...

It's just been so insanely busy around here to say the least, the last thing I have time to do is post on the blog.  Let's see, we are prepping and planting for all the fall and winter produce, we finished our 80 foot greenhouse, we are expanding our 1/2 acre garden, we are expanding our egg business and we just got 10 Alpacas!  All this, in the absolute height of the season...yeah, I'd say we are busy.  This is how our days go:

Our typical day lately goes from somewhere around 4 or 5am to about 8 or 9pm.  We start the day by opening the greenhouse and rotating the irrigation for both the greenhouse and the garden (all 4 zones).  We then go let the chickens out, fill their feed and water them.  Then we do the same with half of the ducks (long story) and we do the same with the other chicken coop.  We rinse out the duck pools and fill them while we are at it.  Then we go back into the greenhouse and hand-pollinate every single squash flower.  Then we let the other ducks out.  Then our real work begins and the rush doesn't end until lunch time (if we are lucky) and then dinner and then on to about 8 or 9pm.  The rush is a mixture of harvesting and washing produce, weeding, thinning, collecting eggs, tearing out old plants, prepping beds, re-seeding, re-planting, rotating irrigation, spreading compost etc., etc.  Then we mix in the projects:  picking up supplies at the store, expanding our garden, checking on the bees, repairing and putting up fencing in all the paddocks, building the greenhouse, walking the fence, performing repairs, assembling and delivering shares, talking to customers and on and on it goes until almost bed time.  Oh, I forgot to throw in here the other "daily" stuff we have to do - like homeschooling our four children and taking care of their needs throughout the day.  Thankfully though, a few of them are a big help!  I also forgot to mention my real job.  All day long I am interrupted with phone calls, e-mails and texts...that's when I am not at work and in the garden.  Otherwise, I am spending the rest of my time at work, so we have to do all the above mentioned things in my "spare time."  We make a TO-DO list every night, and every night the list just seems to get longer and longer.  Add in the farmer's market, the responsibilities for our new Alpacas, marketing and other "business stuff," prepping and building new shelters and coops and you can see why we haven't posted in a while.

I think we need a vacation!

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