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Monday, May 11, 2015

Freak Cold, Ice and Snow. Status update.

OK everyone,  as you are all aware,  probably because your back yard is still covered in snow,  we got hit with a pretty horrible storm over the past few days.  

Many farms are advertising the enormous set-back this has caused them.  In fact,  Colorado as a whole is currently at 15% of where we normally would be, or should be, at this point.

However,  I am happy to tell you,  that due to our techniques and our utilization of our greenhouse and row cover,  we are actually still ahead of the game.

So,  pending any upcoming freakish storms,  while other farms are just starting to plant,  we will be selling our harvest!

We are still planning our first CSA for the last week in May.   It's also quite possible that we may also have smaller shares available before then!

In fact,  we currently have peppers,  zucchini and tomatoes forming.  We also have lettuce,  mesculin mix,  radishes,  spinach that we are already harvesting. 

Let's cross our fingers that the weather holds out, so the rest of our product can make it to your bellies soon!

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